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Peacock Transformations

The website is dedicated to testing new code, storing swimming videos, and organizing family/vacation photos. Hopefully, it will keep me learning and sharing in the areas of Javascript, JQuery, and Bootstrap


Incorporating JavaScript into web pages allows for user interaction. JavaScript is used most commonly in forms, but also in samples that the user can estimate or model some type of service that the user may provide such as a mortgage monthly rate estimater. Here is an example:

400 Pacing Calculation

Type in a time in which you can hold 8 consecutive 50s

Your estimated 400 time is:

This is where the result goes.


JQuery Logo

JQuery is a library of additional functions of JavaScript which allows the user to manipulate the HTML and CSS of the page. It also provides methods for special effects and animations.



Bootstrap makes sure your code works on screens of all sizes. By starting with the extra small cell phone screen, Bootstrap allows for optimal user friendly interaction with a site.

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