Code By Susan

Group Hike

Group hike

Fall hike

Modern Rodin Thinker

the thinker

Luke cools off

Lunch Break

Lunch break of Day 1: Hilly Hundred

Warming up in the sun after a 45° start

Watch out for potholes!

Watch out for potholes!

Thanks Mike Pence for no $ for road repair

Preparing for Mt. Tabor

Susan prepares to mount Mt. Tabor

I made it, barely!

Hilly Hundred - Done!

We made it!

Goodbye Bloomington, IN

Luke on deck

Luke on deck

No pressure, just fun!

Kevin cruising

Cruising on Mackinac Island

Taking a lap on Mackinac Island

Inhaler to the rescue!

Inhaling after a dip in Lake Huron

Luke after a dip in Lake Huron

Unindentified flower

Unidentified flower

Flower on Mackinac Island

Straddling a crevasse

Lance straddles crevasse

Lance walking the walk

Whose drink is that?

Whose drink is that?

A yard of beer hits the spot after biking

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