Code By Susan

Trillium hike

Hike among the trillium

Memorial Day weekend

Jim and Chief

Jim and Chief

Jim's loyal companion

Bike Path Shenanagins

Riding along Lake Michigan

Sunny day, everythings A-OK.

A 23 mile journey

Luke riding

He's going the distance

Afternoon delight

Jim and Maryann

Sunday with Jim and MaryAnn

Kevin and his Trek 1000

Kevin and his Trek

Vintage bicyle for a vintage guy

Victory at last!

Victory at last

A new Luke record - 23 miles

1/2 mile swim - Done!

Luke finishing his half mile swim

Aquabike hero

Kevin finishing his 5K swim


First Place Finisher?

Austin mastering his driving skills

Austin behind the wheel

Hey good looking - be back to pick you up later!

Hanging out at the secret beach

Beach bums

We are here alone

Two wild and crazy guys!

Austin and Lance at the beach

Austin and Lance selfie

That's a good wave


Goal: Don't bend the board.

Buried Alive

Buried Alive

Sand or water bed?

Relaxing at the beach

Austin relaxing at the beach

Do redheads burn above the 45th parallel?

Lance surfing

Lance surfing

Trying to catch the perfect wave

Cruising for chicks

Lance at the beach

I'm back to pick you up.

Susan and Kevin end of summer

Susan and Kevin at the beach

Goodbye summer, seee you next year!

Kevin at Legg’s Entrance

Legs Inn

Do redheads burn above the 45th parallel?

Kevin relaxing

Kevin and beer

Smoked whitefish with you beer?

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